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Trademark Registration Rs.7,500 (Inclusive of all  Govt Stamp duty)

A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable logo, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others, The trademark owner can be an individual, business organization, or any legal entity. A trademark may be located on a package, a label, a voucher, or on the product itself. For the sake of corporate identity, trademarks are often displayed on company buildings. It is legally recognized as a type of intellectual property. We at chennaitaxconsultants.com will understand your business type and apply for the registration based on which class the Trademark belongs to.

Documents Required

To register a trademark the following documents should be sent to us:

  1. LOGO of the Brand
  2. Identity proof of the trademark owner
  3. Incorporation certificate, if company or LLP/ Partnership deed in case of Partnership
  4. Address proof(Aadhar card/Driving Licence/Passport/Rental Agreement)

Once the Trademark application is applied, the owner can use TM symbol after the logo. Once a trademark is registered, then the applicant can start using the ┬« symbol next to the trademark. The R symbol signifies that the trademark is registered and enjoys protection from infringement under the Trademark laws. Use of the ┬« symbol after filing a trademark application or without obtaining trademark registration is unlawful.

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