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Greetings from chennaitaxconsultants.com. Nowadays we came to know many people are struggling to change the authorized signatory in GST portal. Following are the main reasons why and when they face such issues.

  • During registration, tax consultants give their mobile number and email id, hence when the client wants to go to a new consultant due to service issues, the consultants doesn’t co-operate and they don’t help the client in providing OTPS. This leads to late filing penalties.
  • Some people face issues such as sim card damage, blocked email. This also leads to non-filing due to unavailability of OTP.

Here is the step by step solutions for changing mobile number & email id.

  • Login to GST portal  www.gst.gov.in.
  • Once GST Portal opes -> click on Search Taxpayer -> Search by GSTN/UIN.
  • Type the GST number for which you want to change the mobile no & Email and click on search.
  •  On the search result, look at the Jurisdictional Office highlighted in RED. It indicates whether the GST is under state jurisdiction or centre jurisdiction(It’s for locating the GST office)
  • Next step is to locate the  GST office according to the Jurisdiction and write a letter to the Jurisdictional Officer. The format of the letter is mentioned below. And the same has to be printed on Company Letter Head.


The Assistant Commissioner(CT)

xxxxxxxxx Assessment Circle(Jurisdictional Officer)


Respected Sir/Madam,

Sub: Request for Changing Mobile number & Email id
Ref: ABC & Co/ GSTN:33ABCDE1234K1ZT

Please note, during GST registration, our earlier tax consultants had given their mobile number & Email id. Now we want to change the mobile no & email id however they are not co-operating with us.

Now we are unable to change the authorized signatory & file our monthly returns in the absence of login details. We request your office to kindly reset the login details and update our new mobile number and email id as mentioned below.

    Mobile number: 9876543210
Email id: abccom@gmail.com


Final Steps

  • Please carry the mobile & make sure email access is there. The officer will ask for OTPs sent to new number & email.
  • The new login details will be sent to new mail id. You can create new id & password thereafter

We hope this article will help you in changing your GST credentials. In case of any further issue kindly contact us.