Rs.5,000(Excluding penalties & Pending Tax Dues)

Greetings to all. We came across a few instances, people unnecessarily filing nill returns when the company is closed or not doing any business. Sometimes they miss the filing dates and pay late fees. So if anyone feels there won’t be any transaction in the entity and if they feel its time to surrender the certificate then we at chennaitaxconsultants.com will help you in cancelling your GST Certificate.

There are various reasons to cancel/surrender the GST registration. Following are a few reasons.

  • Closure of Business
  • No-Operation in Business
  • Death or dissolve in Partnership.

Please note following perquisites before applying for cancellation of GST.

All the returns till date have to be filed( GSTR 3B, GSTR1 & Annual Return if any)
All the Pending dues, Late fees, Taxes, Demands and arrears have to be cleared before cancellation.

Once all the above perquisites are completed, the applicant can go for cancellation of GST Certificate. Once the cancellation request is submitted, the applicant must obtain a certificate from a qualified Chartered accountant and submit the copy of certificate online to complete the GST cancellation Process.

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